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If you do so you may be invited to drink a free beer, we invite all our visitors for a free beer anyway because, well just because.

If a female hasher, there are no ladies or gentlemen on our hash, gets a down-down we usually sing her a little compliment. Why, who knows, again just because. Another tradition is the Hash Raffle where all sorts of prizes are offered. Some are pure rubbish but there is also 'this week's star prize'. So that is it to date, we are certainly a drinking club with a running problem although some of our hashers are completely cured and never run anywhere! If you are an ex-SKH3 hasher and know any other details about the early days of SKH3, especially details of GMs and special runs, or if any of the above details need to be corrected please let me know.

We really would like to receive your comments or stories about SKH3's early days. Hashing began in Sek Kong in — or did it? The first reported hasher in Hong Kong was the protohasher. Thompson is credited with having started paper-chase. Kong in late , it is unlikely. However, there are various reports.

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British military reservists doing informal keep-fit runs set. Harriers that it had similar purely military origins and was not a. British military intelligence service personnel originally founded. This is three. In the Genealogy register SKH3 had been.

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However we had seen notes of Sek Kong Hash runs that. SKH3 was formerly established, so we knew that this record. During his research. Tim recorded that SKH3 was founded on December not 1 March as was previously recorded. The later date was shown in the Harrier International Handbook.

However, in the edition it was corrected and. It now appears that there was an unregistered. That fits well with SKH3 lore.

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Tumbling Bill has also advised that the Military Intelligence. Those multi-. Scarborough Hash usually has or had such types running with. Although Scarborough Hash was only born on 20 August. George Whiteman, came from Hong Kong, and subsequently went. The last Bill heard of George Whiteman he was with.

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If we can make contact perhaps he may be. The informal start for SKH3 is not exceptional. In addition to the run every. Sunday SKH3 used to have a midweek run, usually on Monday. This was. Eventually it was decided to make. The links. Most of the runs were local but could be. Initially all the hashers were in the forces or with forces families. Argyles who joined in Although SKH3 was a military hash,. The SKH3 logo was originally a running gentleman dressed in. This logo is still familiar as it.

Terry Kitson was. SKH3 that the dragon logo was adopted.

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The earlier SKH3 logo. Things continued in a mainly military style with more and more. The last official military.

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We discussed if we should move to Osborne Barracks. SKH3 attendance kept falling and in late was usually. That was the turning point and we decided to keep the hash. I clearly remember a very annoyed 51 holding a. As he lived. SKH3 had run from a place called.

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At least it was very near to Sek Kong and we could park. Recently Kelly. The last serving military hasher was Flossie, who turned out. Although the serving military have all gone, there. Signals and maybe more previously who by various twists of fate. We always seem to have at. With so many ex-SKH3 hashers back in the. UK it was only a matter of time before they got together and the. For a summary of his researches to date, just check out the table below. Note: It was agreed that, effective 28 June , The Mismanagement would be permitted to screw things up for a whole year instead of six months before getting the chop!

Floppy Peter Page Young GM or GM2? GM in Jul - Sep He confirms that he was the only civilian in SKH3 until a local called Richard joined and that the runs were still on Sunday mornings Juniors and Sunday afternoons Adults only.

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Sek Kong. SKH3 had two runs each Sunday: mornings juniors, afternoons. It was destroyed along with most of theSKH3 paper records in History of the Hash House Harriers. The 'Hash House' was the mildly derogative nickname given for its unimaginative, monotonous food to the Selangor Club Chambers, by the British Civil Servants and businessman who lived and dined there.

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Originally, the ground floor housed the main Selangor Club dining room, and between the two World Wars it became a social center of the times, used regularly for lunch time meals by the members who worked in the immediate vicinity. Situated close to and behind the present Selangor Club, it's function changed after independence and it became a key office for the local Water Board, as it was the place where all Kuala Lumpur K.

Sadly, it gave way to the relentless march of time around , being bulldozed to the ground under the north-bound lane Jalan Kuching.