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Robards is known for her chilling paranormal romantic suspense novels, including the popular Charlotte Stone series that stars Dr. Charlotte "Charlie" Stone, a serial-killer hunter who can see ghosts. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. I will definitely report this error as soon as I'll see again this sentence to translate. I don't know what it means. The article you tried to use is a definite one, therefore the site marked your translation as wrong. As a small side note: besides being "LA" definite, it's also a feminine article, so even "maestro" would be incorrect.

El profesor del deseo (Spanish Edition) - AbeBooks - Philip Roth:

This is a masculine noun, so it should need a masculine article el maestro. Not withstanding the likely typo with "unmaestro" this is the first time the word deseo has been introduced. In this context, you don't "have" a French teacher, you want to be one, hence the suggested "deseo". In this case, "deseo" expresses a wish. My answer "Si, quiero ser una maestra de frances" was accepted, but Duo says "You have an extra space.

Si, quiero ser unamaestra de frances. I used "un maestro" and DL said it was fine but I had made a typo by putting in an extra space. They said it should be "unmaestro.

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It accepted my answer with "un maestro," but said I had an extra space. The answer it gave was "unmaestro. Ser and estar both translate as "to be" but they are not the same. Ser is always used with occupations. You can learn more here. It does not state a gender of the teacher. Are we to default to male teacher? As you probably know it can be maestra. You need to report it to Duo so they can put that in the database.

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One can't any longer see what errors you are supposed to have done, or many times the question itself! What a great doble leap backwards. Duo's new clothing is beyond belief. Have someone let their 3 year old child made them? My Duo's clothes change have stopped working all-together also.

C'mon: come back to your senses and redo this tragedy.

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This isn't a game for infants! This is the biggest corporate blunder since "new coke" No shame in correcting augly; you can't, but blunder. Do it! Please read the forum before posting, this question has been answered multiple times on this page. It's a glitch in the program. Don't let it worry you too much.


Just email the idiots. Get started. Topic: Spanish. February 12, Any suggestions on why this isn't correct: "si quiero ser un maestro de frances". April 23, TheKeeb August 3, July 11, June 30, CoconutMermaid 4. July 10, KolbrnSara1 Plus December 8, I put the same thing, and was marked incorrect.

July 31, August 15, August 16, March 18, AkashNambiar May 1, CheriStead Plus March 26, May 24, EricHillia Plus That is not true. June 4, JenniferOD Plus I'm glad you answered that.

El profesor del deseo (Spanish Edition)

Since I'm female, wouldn't I say "yo quiero ser maestra"? June 15, Maestra was accepted for me, September 19, September 19, MaiGee5 Plus. November 29, Paulina May 26, Chris Plus I saw nothing in the prompt that required the "teacher" to be male. Maestra, Maestro, Profesor or Profesora, are ok. In English teacher is for both genders.

June 9, July 12, June 14, It's not fixed. Royal Books. CliffsNotes on Shelley's Frankenstein ,p. Consultado el 7 de marzo de La novia de Frankenstein. El cine de terror de la Universal. Consultado el 8 de marzo de Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial.