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This seminar explores the ways in which the experience of Empire shaped and influenced European metropolitan societies, focusing on how both empires and nation states constituted their ideals and political cultures, often as mirror images of each other, in an age of growing mass political participation and mobilization. In particular, it investigates the ways in which proponents of both imperial and nationalist principles tried to shape European identities, practices, and politics, and it examines how local people engaged those principles and practices to pursue their particular ends.

Hence, it is not a seminar that takes the nature of colonial or imperial rule as its starting point, although it does examine legacies of both in European sites. In short, we aim to deconstruct rather than to construct typologies of empire. Researchers with little background in these fields may wish to read the following two suggested pieces:. Friday 16 February, 9.

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Search the EUI website. Even readers who disagree with Matsuda's argument may be seduced by the stimulating ideas in this work. He asks how French writers could extol the untainted pleasures of South sea islands while colonial officials wanted their inhabitants to espouse la patrie.

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This contradiction, he shows, produced an 'ambivalent embrace. The French with their imperial ambitions across their Grand Ocean-from Panama to Indochina and in the Sea of Islands-have always seemed different. Empire of Love tells why.

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Search Start Search. Go directly to our online catalogue. Reviews "Matsuda offers engaging and well-written vignettes of French imperial experience as lived and remembered which, are explored through literary and archival evidence.

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