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I'm finally heading off into the Great Black Beyond! If so, yes Honestly, was going for a play on the U. Having trouble docking. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Heading off into the Wild Black Yonder! Thanks for all the help!

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What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign up log in sign up. Matthias Red. So long, and thanks for all the fish. Win-R sees him too. Clev-R has his head blasted off for his trouble.

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Technicians move the players and their clones in to a vat-like container, tell them to remain seated and strapped in until the computer says otherwise, and seal them in. The computer begins to talk to them and asks for a leader to be appointed. Win-R is elected. A slot before her glows and the Computer tells her to put her hand in. This is, of course, impossible while strapped in. She wriggles out and complies and then finds that her hand is stuck. The vehicle shakes and comes under massive stress.

So much stress that her hand is torn clean off. Soon, the players find themselves no longer under the strain of gravity. Their clones, however, are not so kind.

NASA astronauts - including a UC San Diego alum - make first all-female spacewalk

This results in some tough love. The players and their clones and ushered on to a space station. The space station has its own computer, Touro-Comp. The PCs mistake this for Friend Computer constantly. Which is fine because Touro-Comp thinks they are androids.

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This is a theme that will repeat as every non-organic lifeform believes the PCs are androids. They explore and find a lot of nothing. Except for death. Lose-R-Win presses the wrong button and ends up forcefully ejected from the station inside a safety bubble with a very limited supply of air… They find a garbage chute which is man-sized but they even resist the urge to push one another out of it. I was so disappointed. Eventually they find a screen. It is, in fact, a TV.

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Docto-R flubs his electrical engineering attempt and accidentally breaks it which gets him shot at for damaging computer property. Eventually, Touro-Comp steps in and breaks them up. They are moved toward sickbay which is in shambles. The group quickly pushes Clev-R in and shuts the door behind him. Clev-R proceeds on. The hallway is blocked off and the only way around the obstruction is through sickbay. Clev-R proceeds carefully and finds himself in the room that houses Touro-Comp.

Wanting some vengeance and with no teammates around to stop him, he blows up Touro-Comp.

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Questions are fired but the ever-present countdown spurs them to action and flight. They end up in what appears to be a command center.

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  8. The door seals shut behind them and a pre-recorded voice informs them of several impending calamities which their clumsy smashing of buttons only makes worse.. They breathe easily for a moment before realizing the countdown to destruction is very real. They end hurry and board a shuttle. Just for fun, they also find two more eggs in the shuttle. They seem about to hatch.

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    An airlock was immediately utilized by my players. Summary: They got in to the swing of Paranoia quite quickly. I did not take my usual copious notes for this session so I probably forgot a couple deaths. Updates will be more forthcoming now that I am home again and not traveling for the holidays. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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