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Masters must make sure that environmental issues are considered in voyage and passage planning. Areas where specific marine environmental measures apply should be noted in the detailed passage plan. Operators must ensure that vessel procedures, such as the Garbage Management Plan, and nautical charts contain all relevant information and are up to date.

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According to AMSA, vessels that do not carry adequate and up-to-date nautical charts may be detained and refers to this media release as an example of such a detention. Relying on unofficial charts demonstrates inadequate voyage planning under a vessel's safety management system. It may also indicate that a vessel may be in an unfit state for the voyage or poses a threat to the environment. In Australia, the nearest land boundary extends around the outer edge of the GBR region. Other countries have established baselines which lie off their coasts and it is from these baselines that the minimum distance requirements apply.

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Consult your local agents if there is any doubt surrounding the baselines and any designated areas adopted locally. And remember, while discharge of food waste may be permitted, the food must not be contained in a plastic garbage bag since plastic cannot be discharged into the sea under any circumstances.

Home Articles Insight. Rate this article:. In the Chinese case, the crew was not aware that China has declared straight baselines along parts of its coast.

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It shows surrounding tourist places and important places. If there is a bus route between Land to Sky, you can check our bus route map.

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Land weather and Sky weather is also vaialble at our weather map. Land elevation and Sky altitude available in elevation map.

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Info Distance. It is calculated based on the kilometer and your vehicle fuel consumption per mileage You are welcome to use our Land to Sky road map and travel planning tool to assist your travel. Past traveling experience from Land to Sky.

Different travel routes to reach Sky by road, train and air. Tourist places between Land and Sky route.

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If there is any Train from Land to Sky and available bus services. Land and Sky Hotels details, travel guide and booking information. Travel queries, Photos and other information related to Land and Sky. Name : Email :.