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Definition of music of the spheres. First Known Use of music of the spheres , in the meaning defined above. Keep scrolling for more. Volcano , Avalon.

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Music of the spheres

That occurred about , years after the big bang, and at that time whatever remnants of soundwaves existed were left frozen in place. We know sound waves are just compression waves. They consist of alternating dense spots beside rarefied spots. When the universe had its sound waves frozen the dense spots were still there, and since they were more dense than neighbouring regions the gravity there was stronger, and thus the dense spots is where galaxies formed.

If that is all true, then we should be able to see a periodic pattern in the distribution of galaxies.

Music of the Spheres

So we astrophysicists went out to search for it. By mapping millions of galaxies over the last decade or so, that prediction was dramatically confirmed by multiple teams. There really is a sound-wave pattern in the distribution of galaxies. The Harmony of the Spheres extends far beyond our own solar system. Now in the last few years, perhaps the most dramatic evidence of waves was discovered—gravitational waves—which are ripples in the fabric of space itself. These were found by the gravitational wave detector LIGO, which saw the ripple caused by merging black holes.

Interestingly, the frequency of gravitational waves is such that if they were happening in air, we would be able to hear them!