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Whether you're craving an inspiring hike in the forest, a thrilling weekend of skiing and snowboarding , or an epic mountain bike ride with spectacular views, you'll find it all and more in our cozy little getaway. In the wintertime, SoCal skiers and snowboarders make their pilgrimage to Big Bear at the first sign of snow to ride and ski at Big Bear Mountain Resort.

Not into snow sports? For a more zen experience, head out to the forest to enjoy the snow-covered trails on snowshoes!

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When the snow melts away and water gets warmer, Big Bear Lake marinas open for the Spring through Fall seasons. Kayaks, canoes , and paddleboards let you get your fix on the lake along with pontoon and fishing boat rentals. Thrill seekers can check out wakeboarding lessons and jet-ski rentals! Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain.

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Big Bear Visitor Center. The area would fill with bleeding people clutching broken arms and medical responders to treat them—as fast as possible, so they could get back to work. He described his family—wife, kids.

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People have to practice leaving their families, friends, and favorite Starbucks locations, imagining that everyone could burn up in a nuclear blast, be left in an apocalyptic electromagnetic pulse scenario, or become bio-weapon infected. They usually hold it together. One was distraught enough that officials took him to the chapel so he could sit, think, calm down.

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The chapel—which comes with a chaplain, whose support is bolstered by mental health services—is bland, non-denominational. After 10 or 15 minutes, the guy came out. He went back to work. They all do.

Experience the thrill and excitement of our outdoor activities in the Pocono Mountains.

He says it like a mantra. That work all these people need to get back to—it involves computers. And their physiological aliveness wouldn't do much good if the computers were dead or cyber-compromised, would it? That's why the complex's shielding, both physical and digital, matters so much.

If an electromagnetic pulse hit near the mountain, it could knock out everything around Colorado Springs.

But inside the complex, computers and the lines feeding into them stay safe. The rock sheath attenuates the electromagnetic waves, as do the metal buildings: They're giant Faraday cages.

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Inside, the occupants have kindly put up simulated surveillance screens so I can't see what's actually going on with the world. A gray-haired civilian is in charge of smiley young staff sergeants. They're all standing in front of a herd of monitors, bluelit by a wall of screens showing fake maps, fake aircraft, fake bar graphs.

It's exactly what you'd imagine would be inside a place like Cheyenne Mountain if you were going to make a movie about it, which people have. And it's here that they decide when it's time to shut Cheyenne's doors.

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As we make our way back toward those still open doors, after three or so hours playing cavepeople, I ask how they isolate themselves digitally. We're outside the buildings now, in one of the rooms that just has granite for walls. But I've felt the whole time like she was watching over this excursion. Turns out, I might not be wrong. He points to Myers and says she, director of operations for the st Communications Squadron, leads them.

Mullins and Myers say they have plans for various scenarios, and proof that the plans work.

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Proof , they repeat. And although they don't say what this means, it seems safe to assume they have repelled infiltrators either real or simulated. Mullins looks around at the rocky walls that surround us as we turn back toward the tunnel, toward the outside world. A visit to Steamboat Springs is more than just activities on the mountain. We are also Colorado's premier mountain events destination. From concerts, to staple winter celebrations like the Cowboy Downhill, Winter Carnival, and Springalicious, there's no shortage of things to do.

Whether it's summer or winter, no trip to Steamboat is complete without visiting our many shops, located in both downtown Steamboat Springs and on the mountain. Book Your Steamboat Vacation. Activities From horseback riding, sleigh rides and tubing, snowmobiling and snowshoe tours, everyone can enjoy Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountains with Steamboat's Yampa Valley as your backdrop.