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The Killing of Marilyn Monroe. You Must Remember This. One day I went to the local store to get a few things. I purchased my items and went home. On the bag was a girls face.

Her name was Amanda. She had been missing for about three years and dissappeared from where she was working at a local Burger King. Her face really stuck out in my mind. Out of curiosity and a passion to help I decided to go in my meditation room and meditate on this girl's face. I was meditating and all the lights were off.

All of a sudden a bright flash of light like a camera bulb appeared on the ceiling.

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I was a little spooked. All the while I was still holding the grocery bag with her face on it. I looked behind me and saw a pretty girl's face on the wall. She had leaves around her face. I wondered if this was Amanda's spirit. For days I could not stop meditating on Amanda.

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I picked up all kinds of information. I heard the word Logan County and some other information from my guides.

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I decided to call the police in Cleveland, Ohio where she was missing. I was very nervous. I could not avoid the call though. Something forced me to pick up the phone and dial the numbers. I started talking to the detective on the case. She was a short and to the point kind of women who probably had a lot of stress in her life.