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Only after we have dried out our last resources do we think of praying. The truth is that our lives would change drastically if prayer was the FIRST thing we turned to in a time of need, or even in a moment of gratitude.

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After all, prayer is a direct bridge to the Divine. I held this very belief for a long time. Really, the very act of prayer itself seemed pointless to me, particularly after I left fundamentalist religion. Because of that I shut myself off to it for a long time. But this belief about the power of prayer could not be further from the truth.

Prayer is actually one of the most active spiritual tools out there. There are so many benefits of prayer that I say at least one prayer daily, but often up to three or four. Here are some common gifts of prayer to expect if you incorporate this practice in your life. Some of these benefits are even scientifically backed:. The power of prayer is immense. It can literally transform every dimension of your life.

Before you attempt prayer, there are a few handy things you should know that will help you benefit from it the most:. This might include deeply examining how you feel about prayer, and why. For me, this involved sitting down and thinking about my many mistaken beliefs. For you, this detoxing process might also involve introspection, or another tool such as journaling or meditation. Surrender the idea that God is anything other than a universal source of complete unconditional love.

Let go of the idea that God is there to punish, control or condemn you. When you are praying to God, you are praying to that boundless, egoless source of love that is your true nature. This divine source of purity and peace wants the very best for you. Prayer is a way of communing with this divine source.

Prayer is a way of allowing the Beloved to fulfill its ultimate desire: for you to be happy, whole and at peace. The more you find to be thankful for, the happier you will feel, and the happier you feel, the more you are thankful for. You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. This is perhaps the most important piece of advice: pray from the heart. Your connection to the Divine will perish at least consciously.

Instead, when you pray, pray from the soul.

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In fact, my most heartfelt prayers are said silently, and so can yours. Making up your prayers as you go is also a much more authentic way to pray. However, if you find a prayer written by someone else that speaks to your heart, by all means, use it. There are no rules here. Dear Beloved, all things in my life are sourced from you. Every blessing I have is because of you.

My breath is yours, my mind is yours, my heart is yours, my body is yours, my soul is yours, my spirit is yours. I am yours, and you are mine. Let me embody you in my daily life. Let my life become an expression of your radiance and purity. Help me to surrender what no longer serves me. Help me to know what questions to ask and places to look when I am stuck.

I give my trust to you unconditionally. I love you. At heart, I am a mystic.

So all of my prayers are mystical and have an ecstatic quality. You might have another heart: the heart of a musician, artist, architect or philosopher. Let your prayers embody whatever comes the most naturally to you. In order for you to continue praying, it is important that you reflect on the power of prayer in your life.

How has it helped you in times of need or want, even subtly? How has it filled you with more goodness? What changes has prayer brought to your life? A number of leaders from Northpoint Church near St. Louis were there. A year or so after his presentation, Dave received an email from its prayer leader.

In it, he shared what God had been doing in their church since the gathering. The prayer meeting grew in number of attendees.

Less than a year after increasing the prayers, they were well in the black and more than were coming to services each week. If you increase the level of praying together among your congregation, you will see more miracles happen as your faith rises. They start to let go of their desires to see their purposes fulfilled and start to open themselves up to what God wants. The value of this to a church is huge when it comes to ministry and decision making. Years ago, I was a part of a church plant in Colorado Springs that was meeting in a school. We felt the Lord leading us to purchase land.

We found two pieces of property—one was very close to the school and forty-two of our families, the other was three to four miles away.

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That distance was not a big deal, but it was not in the neighborhood we had been ministering in for the past five years. The property close to us cost 1. Many of us felt the issue was not the difference in price, but where God wanted us. Pray, figure that out, and He will provide.

There were leaders on both sides of which piece to purchase. We started praying together. We even called a corporate prayer meeting on one of the pieces of property. That is what God will do when we pray together—agreement comes so we can pray His will with confidence. People who are disgruntled with decisions a church has made usually have not prayed with the body over that issue. Pray together and watch unity grow. Jeremiah is a powerful promise written to a corporate body of people.

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Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. In this day and age, it is very difficult to get people to commit to more nights at a church. Many churches have stopped holding weekly prayer meetings. But these benefits suggest that churches need to reconsider providing opportunities for corporate prayer. As leaders, seek the Lord as to what to tweak to make more praying together happen in your church.

If you already have a weekly prayer meeting with more than a few attending, perhaps some tweaks to make it more dynamic will help. Then promote the meeting. There are people in most congregations who would attend a midweek prayer meeting if they were taught why it was important to the life of a church, and if they were regularly encouraged to go.

Best Good morning blessings images and Quotes. Browse our wonderful collection of sweet good morning messages, quotes and images. It is a good thing to wake up to experience the joy of a beautiful day as this with prayer. And if you find such a friend, you will feel happy and complete, because you need not.