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At the time book 1 upset me too much to carry on for her getting her own back. Anyone have a clue? It's not the gypsy brothers. He's in his early 50's now so he would have been reading this 40 years ago or so.

A private investigator book with the tag line "Who do you pray to when god is trying to kill you. I read it when I was little but it was about 3 sisters and they were princesses and they were all very different like one was very fancy and one was messy and I forgot the other one. A book I read in elementary school about a boy who finds a motorcycle, then retires it with the help of a neighbor.

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Finally he races it and does well. Then a boy is thrown into the cell with her, they have to share a blanket, she helps him out with the shower situation. That's about all i remember, I think there's a point where they escape in a van?? The sample of the audiobook on Audible has girls doing chores when teenage boys move in across the street.

One of the daughters is eager to meet them but their mother says no because she is supposed to finish her chores. She was surprised to see that the boys were Black because that was rare for their neighborhood. When I was a young girl in the 60s, I read a children's book about a pet rat. Either the rat was named Rosemary of the girl was. I remember reading a book about a girl who had a best friend that was a ghost and lived in an old shack and a man came and brought her to a tower like area and she became a mage apprentice.

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And as she moved up her rank her robe changed colors. For different areas she learns. Okay I dont remember much about the book. But, the kid had a therapist, he liked to sketch, his dad was an alcoholic and at one point, the dad hit the kids mom. The dad was drawn as a bear. Thats about all I know, but other than that, I know the kid painted a mural then got arrested for it. I remember a book I read back in the early 80's about a boy who had a dream about a car wash being in the woods.

I have been looking for this book for 34 yrs now and I cannot find it. It is about a girl who is accepted into a riding academy. There she meets 3 girls that seem to be perfect. The girl makes friends with a girl that rides a big black horse both rider and horse are killed. The girls have a white horse that gives them powers. They must trick their boyfriends to ride the horse and he drowns them. The mean girls burn the other girls house down.

Any suggestions on title would be great. The cover has a white horse with fangs on a road with headlights on him. I listened to an audiobook about a mother who lost 20 pounds so that she could seduce a detective to find out info about a case involving her child.

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I can't remember the name of the book. Any suggestion as welcome. I remember reading a comic book a around 35 years ago about a group of astronauts traveling to distant planets where they find an animal similar to black jaguar but with tentacles on its back. They got confused about it and took it along in their spaceship. It starts killing them silently one after another but pretending it's not the killer. Can anyone remember the name of this comic book?? I remember starting to read a book about a world where people had animal companions, sort of like the series "spirit animals", it was about a boy who was expected to bond with a hare or a horse like his, I think, adopted parents.

While on a train to go to the school, or whatever it was, he was out at the back of the star in and spotted a white flash running through the trees as they when by.

RAPUNZEL vs ANNA: Princess Rap Battle (Eliza Dushku James Maslow Tom Lenk Whitney Avalon) *explicit*

He was soon pulled back into the train by someone. After that, the only thing I can remember is that there is some kind of "dangerous" animals. That's what I remember about the book. I remember that the book cover was a boy maybe hiding behind a rock and, I think, a huge fox walking through a forest. The cover may have been my mind tricking me, but the parts of the story that I remember are very possibly true. I do remember the tittle being something close to the word "animal". Its a lot of information and I still haven't been able to find it.

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I honestly sometimes doubt that its even real but, if it is, that would be amazing. A young person, a student at university, is being followed around. Later on it transpires that it is his biological father who has organised it all to put this person in contact with their biological family. I know it's not much to go on, but still, somebody might be able to recognise it. I'm looking for a book my 5th grade teacher read aloud to our class. No idea on name or author. It was about a young girl who became so terrified of the outside world that she built walls in front of the walls already in her house.

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She moved about this way. She lived with her mother and sister. Her father had "vanished" sometime in her early years. She thinks he actually did vanish but the book suggests he just skipped town. One part I always thought funny was when she started going through puberty and growing she carried grape jelly with her to help herself squeeze through smaller spots in her fake walls. She eventually does come out and join the world again. I am looking for a children's book. Story involved a married couple who wishes their house was bigger.

They are given advice to keep adding animals to the inside of their house, which makes their house crowded and feel smaller. In the end they are told to now take all the animals out of the house, and surprise, their house now feels bigger. I am looking for a book about an Elephant researcher who follows her mentor to a game reserve in New Hampshire and then flees to a game reserve in Africa and the mystery of who killed the child and it is blamed on the elephants.

Kids on it I believe with a tall figure on the front. Then one day One of the girls go up to her attic and when she looks outside she sees the past. I'm looking for a fantasy book for about a grade 6-grade 9 audience. It is about a girl who can comunicate telepathically with animals, and her best animal friend is a seagull named Skark.