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Find out more surprising facts about the father of reggae. Bob Marley is considered one of the most successful artists of all time. However, Marley was never nominated or won a Grammy while he was alive. He did win a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in , 20 years after his death. Michael Manley, the democratic socialist Prime Minister of Jamaica, invited Marley to sing at a concert promoting peace between the two parties in conflict.

How can I? In addition to being musically gifted, Marley was also said to be quite the football player aka soccer for all you Americans. It was said that Marley who was a midfielder played football regularly throughout his life, whether outdoors or in his recording studio. The singer was once quoted, "If you want to get to know me, you will have to play football against me and the Wailers. From the end of to , Bob Marley lived in England.

He identified himself with the cause of the workers at the time of the labour troubles of and donated time and advocacy to the cause. When Suffrage came, Manley had to wait ten years and two terms before his party was elected to office. He was a strong advocate of the Federation of the West Indies, established in , but when Sir Alexander Bustamante declared that the opposition Jamaica Labour Party JLP , would take Jamaica out of the Federation, Norman Manley, already renowned for his integrity and commitment to democracy, called a Referendum, unprecedented in Jamaica, to let the people decide.

The issue settled, Manley again went to the people.

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He lost the ensuing election to the JLP and gave his last years of service as Leader of the Opposition, establishing definitively the role of the Parliamentary Opposition in a developing nation. I am proud to stand here today and say to you who fought that fight with me, say it with gladness and pride, mission accomplished for my generation. While the demonstrators received fines and jail time, theatre segregation disappeared the following year. Racial inequality was not the only issue faced by theatre in Jamaica. The face of Jamaican theatre at this time was quite a dismal picture.

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Audiences were loud and rowdy. Sometimes they fought among themselves and even assaulted performers or destroyed theatre property. Laws imposed steep penalties on such misbehaviour, but offenses continued until early s. In the beginning, Formal theatre rarely presented tales relevant to island life. Plays involved a combination of music, dance, storytelling and poetic songs. Marcus Garvey started a theatrical shift embracing black culture.

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He wrote and produced several plays for the working class that had expressions of island life. Pantomimes Jamaican theatre took quite a while to reach a stage of maturity.

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At this time, established contests, shows and performances were quite commonplace. One such dominant show was Pantomime. Pantomimes were held sporadically in the s with a combination of songs, dances and magic. Today, pantomimes are popular events held annually.

The plays are quite exuberant, running for several months beginning in December. As pantomime matured, Jamaican theatre expanded rapidly as well. Small theatrical and dramatic groups began to emerge and sought to establish themselves. The Barn Theatre was one such group. Opening in , the Ward Theatre is undoubtedly the most famous theatre in the Caribbean. Some argue it has been the most influential as well.

The majestic structure replaced the Royal Theatre which had been destroyed due to an earthquake. The theatre evolved with a prestigious reputation and even entertained performances by Broadway actors and other influential theatrical movements.

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However, both the building and the surrounding neighbourhood became depressed sometime thereafter, which has discouraged attendances. To bring the Ward Theatre back into mainstream, the Jamaican government has funded a revitalisation project, facilitating audiences as much as possible with an effort to rejuvenate interest in this kind of theatre.

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The Ward Theatre continues to host a wide variety of performances, including plays, the annual pantomimes, and dance productions. Sometimes, due to the small size of these theatres, performances are held at hotel auditoriums, halls and at public facilities.