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We invest our skills as sweat equity and not just money. Our team of creative, marketing, design and technology professionals are passionate about helping smart entrepreneurs create viable companies. We refine products and boost traction in that critical early phase to maximise your chance of success in raising early seed investment.

Teen Receives a Beauty Business as a Gift for Her Sweet 16 - Black Enterprise

Our approach is to partner with great founders early on and help them to quickly create a business story, minimum viable product and clear route to market. We can provide early cash to get these basics right, but more importantly we roll up our sleeves and give you our attention and focus to find the right answers.

We've co-founded a number of successful VC and angel backed ventures, and continue to go through the same challenges you are facing today. The key to our success is our ability to assess ecommerce opportunities by researching key information in the macro and micro environment and devise an executable strategy for viable growth, build the product or service, as well as market the product and maintain efficient operations. To kick start the process complete the application form below.

If we want to move things forward, we'll invite you to come with your team and spend some time with us running over your plans and getting to know each other. We do tech development and online marketing. We also invest in building seed stage startups. Working Together. In the critical early stages of a new venture, there are gaps and needs that suddenly become very acute.

How to name your small business: Keep it short and sweet

Sweet Startup was created to engineer and grow exciting digital products and businesses. We don't just cut a cheque for some equity and sit back—in the hatching stage money alone will not determine your potential. Much more important is the know how and connections to help develop your product, branding, business and marketing before launching.

Many sweet shops are located in town centres. This guarantees heavy footfall and a passing trade but high rent is a disadvantage. The high profile, however, is a big advantage and can help secure business for other services you provide, such as sweets for parties. If you choose to locate your business in a town centre, research walking routes to make sure your shop has footfall during busy periods e.

There are no dedicated courses available for sweet sellers, but there are an abundance of general retail training which can help you set up your business, present a professional image and deal effectively and personably with customers. The courses give participants the chance to specialise in a discipline including management, visual merchandising and food safety.

Some higher education institutions also offer foundation courses in retail and retail management — check with Skillsmart Retail , the sector skills council, for more information.

Get more out of your business.

As with other retail businesses, rent and retrofitting will be your biggest initial costs. Although sweets are often seen as inexpensive items, stock can be surprisingly expensive, especially when you make your first order. The franchise model is well-known in the sweet shop market.

There are a number of options available which provide full shop retrofitting and use of the brand name and perhaps promotional materials , although stock will be extra. Franchises work better in some situations than in others — since the brand is established you go into business with established goodwill and credibility, which can help generate sales in the early stages. However, many franchises are based on historical visions of sweet shops, featuring jingling door bells, old fashioned tills, etc, and this look can be easily recreated — if appropriate for your target market — without having to pay for a franchise.

Franchises do often work well in town centres, where high footfall and a recognisable name can help drive people into the shop. You also gain the support of an established brand, which may appeal if you need assistance in the first six months of operation. Independent sweet shops do struggle with competition from supermarkets — although location and brand can help secure business, shops that can offer services supermarkets cannot will always be in a better position.

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Here are some additional services you could provide:. Like all businesses that sell foodstuffs, you will need to comply with relevant health and safety legislation. The Health and Safety Executive HSE should be your main port of call; the legislation you need to comply with will depend on whether you are preparing any food on the premises e.

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Public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance are important, particularly if you offer additional services at third-party locations. We are a network of over 60 properties in London, home to 3, New and Growing Companies like yours, providing a supportive and dynamic environment that gives businesses a boost. Sorry, we don't have any properties in that area. Please search again, or click 'Find it for me' to see our whole portfolio. What does the market look like? What skills will I need? Who are Workspace?

Search our properties. What type of space? Glossary of business terminology. Starting a pet grooming business.